2014 Season Cast Lists

Thank you to all who auditioned. As always we had tough decisions to make.  If you were not cast thank you so much for auditioning and we hope you come back in the future.

Company meeting and work party will be May 4th, please keep that day free on your calendar.



Macbeth -              Bjorn Whitney
Lady Macbeth -    Jamie Mastromonica
Banquo –               James Brown
MacDuff –              Thomas Beirne
Lady MacDuff -     Zoe Bronstein
Duncan –               Michael Wallace
Malcolm –              John Roberson
Donalbain –           Joseph Renault
Witches –               Carolyn Travis, Beth Salmon Greatorex & Cassandra Leon
Hecate –                Glynna Goff
Porter/ Physician –          Raido McComas
Ross -                    Elizabeth Lundquist
Siward –                Scott Andrews
Young Siward / Wounded Soldier –Varick Andrews
Fleance/ Young  MacDuff – Mica Shipley & Claire Andrews (alternating both)
Seyton/1st Murderer –    Alan Burke


Much Ado About Nothing:

Beatrice:    Akilah Williams

Benedick:   Chris Cariker

Hero:         Lydia Randall

Claudio:     Danny Herter

Don Pedro: Bjorn Whitney

Leanata:    Beth Greatorex

Dogberry:  Michael Wallace

Verges:      James Brown

Don John:  Trey Hatch

Borachio:   John Robinson

Conrade:    Carolyn Travis

Margaret:   Toria VanHorst

Ursula:      Cassandra Leon

Priest/Sexton: David Cox

Messenger:    Claire Andrews

Watchpeople: TBD

2 Be or  Not TV2 – casting in progress

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Announcing our 2014 Season!

We are delighted to announce our program for the 2014 season. Our tragedy will be Macbeth, directed by Trey Hatch. Our comedy is Much Ado About Nothing, directed by Diana Farnsworth.

Our season opens July 10th at the beautiful Rexville-Blackrock Amphitheatre.

More info soon – but we are so excited we just had to let you know!

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